25 Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding

wedding planningGot a ring on your finger?  Then, it’s time to plan your wedding. And you know when it comes to weddings, life must temporarily take the back seat. Planning is the top and only priority. Continue reading

How Lack Of Sleep Causes Premature Skin Aging

Lack Of SleepIt’s common for people to say that they need their “beauty rest,” especially if they’ve had a rough day and they want some sleep. But this isn’t just an expression. There is actually a very close relationship between the concepts, “beauty” and “sleep,” since a person’s skin is a reflection of how well or how bad her sleeping habits are. Continue reading

Support Yourself And Look Great With Maternity Support hose

Maternity Support hoseMaternity support stockings are one of those items that you must have when you are expecting. Although it is true that the nine months of pregnancy are filled with many joys and exciting times, there are also a lot of aches and pains that come along with it as well – it’s a bumpy road in more ways than one! Continue reading

FDA Questions Safety And Effectiveness Of Antibacterial Soaps

FDA Questions Safety And Effectiveness Of Antibacterial SoapsFew daily habits offer the kind of healthy benefits and protection against disease as washing your hands. While most people don’t give too much thought to the hand soap they use when washing their hands, one word has crept into the public conscious regarding the soap they use – antibacterial. Continue reading

Tips On What To Do When Your Relationship Feels Unsteady

unsteady relationshipWhen the relationship looks to be rocky, it is kind of difficult to know how to revive the connection and renew the intimacy both created before. Some couples have this sense of having reasons for feeling that connections have been ended and needs to reunite again. Continue reading